Sunday, November 24, 2013

People\Human Standards

Sunday, November 24, 2013 People\Human Standards Starts with the concept of equality starting at the middle, and the middle being the poor and working class.This means that then we have to have A Standard to go by,The Standards have to be by A Legislative branch. In the United States this would be The Congress because the Congress Makes the Laws for wages,So that being said, Then the wage should be set the same as Congress,This means that the person on the street who is without home and food and the essentials of life.This means the Disabled, This means the 18 year old person, man or woman.And any person to any age even if they are 115 years old. OK example $174,000.00 minus taxes minus health care minus education and any other fundamental right to humanity and evolution as A society.This means then we have to have A banking system,That would be in the United States the Treasury, Now the standard for this Bank would be People\Humans.Because People as A Value is unlimited,This means that the Bank is infinity.Always evolving as A society.Each person in this Country is of the standard put forth. That means the highest of the executive of Government the highest executive of business and all the way to the poorest, This meaning that it being the middle and the starting point.And having society Starting from there and going forward.OK everyone is now making from top executive's to poorest $174,000.00 same as Congress,minus Federal, state,Local taxes, minus Health care,minus Education tax, Any monies people have or people make over this $174,000.00 will be classified as business and taxed the same as People,Now how are the people going to be paid. Then we Have to have A source for accounting for each individual.And That Accounting source in America would be Internal Revenue Service.The Internal Revenue would be responsible for Cards made for each individual, Their children, Their spouse,Tying them together or individually if separated,These cards can only be used for Legitimate Business or products and or service. Now what this concept does is helps the Government to be more efficient it will pay all employees from top executives in the Government to the lowest paid contractor and all other people the same pay making it equal and efficient. This concept puts all people in an energy efficient home saving power, puts all people in an energy efficient vehicle saving on resources, It puts all people in the higher education to move the society into the future and putting people on the same level. it Puts all people in health care working towards eliminating any disease that would enter the society.It takes out Corruption in all issues because the people can't buy illegitimate products or service. This concept can be used for any Country and recommended to be used to make the whole world as one Society.

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